Jeff Louw

​Hello, and thanks for visiting The Musing Pilgrim. I am Jeff Louw, and the purpose of these pages are to showcase my music related activities, and song writing projects – something I began doing in the late 1980’s. I make a small amount of money from recordings and occasional gigs, so I classify myself as a semi-professional musician.

I have written several original songs, recorded some in my home studio, with two independently released demo albums in my credit. I do this for fun, learning as I go. I occasionally perform or ‘gig’ in live situations, interspersing artful arrangements of cover tunes with my original work.

Nearly everything I do musically is motivated by sincere passion kept in tension with gentle humility. I am intellectually curious, with a commitment to independence; following a route that opens itself to me; an evolutionary pilgrimage of discovery. This is the theme usually expressed through my songs.

My musical influences are somewhat diverse, but I see myself essentially as an acoustic guitar based singer-songwriter. Coupled to vocals that are characteristically folk rock, I play a soft-spoken finger-style guitar that is economic and pretty, traveling between folk, hard rock, and blues, often blending all three. I like to explore ideas and might not always stick to conventional music structures. Feel free to listen to my self-released demo albums by following the ‘Music Projects‘ link in the Main Menu.