Journey to the Sixth Dimension

According to String Theory, all objects in the universe are made up of hypothetical vibrating filaments (strings) and membranes of energy. Strings vibrate in a multi-dimensional spacetime. The vibration of the string in different dimensions determines whether it appears to be matter, light, or gravity to us in our 3 dimensional perception.  Let's consider another … Continue reading Journey to the Sixth Dimension


This is the music related stuff I am currently working on: Creating content for a Youtube channel. Simple one-take solo acoustic performances.Ongoing Development of live repertoire in preparation for summer season. Adding songs and refining the existing set.Recording and production experimentation in my home studio. Mostly private study that involves starting with a melodic "euro-disco" … Continue reading Activities

The one Piece of Gear you Never Knew you needed

I am talking of the power conditioner. A power conditioner will correct problems with power supply that introduce noise into your sound equipment. Wiring in a building might be bad, motors, compressors, thermostat switches, fluorescent lights, some incandescent lights, even the activities of the power company as they load balance the grid; all of these … Continue reading The one Piece of Gear you Never Knew you needed