News and Reflections

I am starting to build up my summer gigging schedule. At this stage, it looks like it will probably be a light season. As I commit to opportunities, they are added to the calendar, and I will promote through social media as I go. I will also continue building a library of quick unedited one-take videos to expand my youtube presence.

I am glad that the season is looking to be be relatively light. At the end of March, early April, I played 2nd guitar for a high school’s musical production. I had an absolute blast doing this. However, it exposed some important gaps in my self-study and practice regimen. Convenient shortcuts that I rely on for expediency turned out to be a liability when confronted with a massive amount of new music to learn in a short amount of time. Relying on the conveniences, hacks and cheats that all guitarists use is very effective, but it’s clear to me that these tricks don’t scale up well. Addressing this neglected area of study will help me be more flexible, and become a better overall musician.