I have reduced gigging commitments to focus more on life balance. My music related activities have moved to be more focused on building a youtube presence, and private study.

I am particularly interested in developing my finger-style abilities, to get beyond a “paint-by-numbers” approach, with advanced songs. My goal is for this playing approach to feel more natural. I am also working on filling knowledge gaps related to music theory. I tried to recruit a guitar teacher to help, but this proved futile. There are an abundance of teachers who specialize on beginner guitar, but not a lot conveniently available for the high intermediate, low advanced player.

I work at a high school, and it is probable that I will again participate in the pit band for their musical production this year. Last year, this was challenging, yet very rewarding, on so many levels. 

Lastly, I am strategically planning to do a multimedia video based presentation of some finger-style instrumental pieces, in the near future. This will feature impeccably recorded solo acoustic guitar tied to digitally generated visualizations of the sound. This involves scratch building a DAW computer, and follow the learning plan I described above. My goal is to get started on this project during next year.